Webtronia is back!

After many identity crisis, Webtronia is back online and on full force. Who ever fallow this domain/site during the last year in a haft will notice that the site has been suffering from multiple personality disorder. For a very long time I didn’t know what to blog here. I was jumping from niche to niche trying to make something out of it. But my passion wasn’t there, specially the Mobile Prepaid market that I was pursuing at the time.

Today, Webtronia has lunch with a new and clear identity, unlike before, I believe I have found my blogger self identity to be enough motivated to continue blogging consistently for a very long time without losing interest within 2 or 3 weeks of launching a project.

Today, Webtronia is an Internet resource focused on the Web, Design, Consumer Technology, Social Media and Telecommunications and other topics of general interest around the Internet world.

Kindly enough, subscribe to my feed for the latest tech news, tutorial, tips, resources and services review. I’m very exciting this time around and I’m looking forward to engaged with my readers.